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Unforgettable birth gifts

The birth is the first and biggest milestone in a person's life. And in the lives of parents, too, the birth of a child is always one of the very big milestones. There is something magical about the day when parents can see and hold their offspring for the first time.

Unforgettable birth gifts

To celebrate this event properly, relatives and friends but also neighbors and colleagues give gifts to the new parents. Especially close friends and relatives would like to present unforgettable gifts. But what is an unforgettable gift? And how elaborate and costly is an unforgettable gift?

Traditional birth gifts

Before we turn to the question of what makes a birth gift memorable, it's worth taking a look at what gifts are traditionally presented for birth. With the traditional gifts is strongly differentiated, in which relationship the givers to the newborn stand. The closer a person is to the baby, the more valuable the birth gift usually is.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

Among the classics among traditional gifts for birth are in particular:

  • Clothes such as rompers, jackets and co.
  • Cuddly animals and toys such as music boxes
  • Crawling blanket
  • Changing bags, optionally with contents
  • Stroller or car seat (infant carrier): These gifts are presented before the birth, as these items should be present when the baby is born
  • Furnishing for the nursery: These gifts are also given to parents before the birth. A room furnishings for the birth of the baby is a traditional gift given by grandparents - simply because of the high cost.
Unforgettable gifts for birth

Bonding, toys and co. for babies look really cute. However, you run risk that other gift-givers have also already come up with the idea to present this birth gift. Then the parents end up with far too many rompers in mini size or a half-dozen music boxes. So with these traditional gifts, it's extremely important to check with parents beforehand to find out what they need.

What makes gifts memorable?

Let's now turn to the question of what makes a birth gift memorable. It is easier to answer this question if we first consider what basically makes a gift a memorable gift. To do this, it helps to remind ourselves of what gifts we ourselves have received that are memorable to us.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

Of course, it's different for each person: for one, it's the quilt she sewed herself. For the other a photo album with pictures and other memorabilia. And for yet another person, it may be a piece of jewelry that a loved one has made for us. At the same time must it even not always be the big gifts: Even a wooden board that is self-designed and personalized, is an unforgettable gift. However, all these unforgettable gifts have the following things in common:

  • They are unique.
  • They are characterized by attention to detail.
  • They are personal respectively personalized.
Unforgettable Birth Gifts

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Personalized Gifts

You would like to create a personalized gift, but don't have enough time or patience or simply two left hands? Then you still do not have to resort to a "gift off the rack". The baby posters from MeinLieblingsposter form a great alternative: You can personalize the poster, it can be easily designed in the online configurator or you can hand over a voucher.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

But first things first:

Online you can find different designs. They have in common that on it is a stylish representation of a baby. Have you decided on a Design, you can adjust the image of the baby in the online configurator to the Originalgrößes of the child on the day of birth. In this way, the parents, and later also the child, have exactly in front of their eyes how tiny the new citizen of the earth was at his or her birth.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

In the connection you can, depending on the poster variant, color adjustments make and further data insert. This includes in particular the name of the child, date of birth, height and weight. Should it be the birth of twins, then you can choose the poster variant with two babies on it.

Configure baby poster now

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

Important: Don't be tempted to design before the birth. Height and weight, which a gynecologist determines by ultrasound a few days before the birth, are often quite unreliable. And even with the name, many parents still change their mind after the birth.

Make your own gifts for the birth

Other memorable gifts that are unique, personalized or personalized and designed with attention to detail, made yourself. There are few things that can be bought "off the shelf" and then still meet the above aspects. Like the birth poster from MyBabyposter

In the following, we have gathered a few ideas on how to create unforgettable birth gifts with comparatively simple means. As you can see, memorable gifts don't even have to be particularly expensive.

Macramé pacifier chain with personalization

Pacifier chains are extremely practical for all parents who often transport their baby in the stroller or in the car in the child seat. Because babies lose their pacifier or spit it out to see how quickly the parents repeat it. A pacifier chain is the cue line for pacifiers. If this is homemade and personalized, then it is a truly unforgettable gift.

Homemade Gifts for Birth

Photo us idea from Creativlust

And here's how making a macramé pacifier necklace works:

  • The macramé strings are attached to pacifier clip with anchor stitch.
  • Through a certain knotting technique, the individual macramé strings will become an artistic ribbon.
  • Beads can be incorporated into the pattern.
  • When the pacifier ribbon has reached the right length, a ring is incorporated, to which the pacifier can be attached.
  • In the pacifier chain beads with the baby's letters eingerabeitet can be.

Here is more info. 

Crochet grab ring and crib garland

Crochet has been the new trend for quite some time. It's no longer just about crocheting doilies or pillowcases, rather it's crocheting elaborate things like cuddly animals and mascots. A particularly nice, and guaranteed and forgettable, crocheted gift idea is the duo of teething ring and crib garland.

Homemade Gifts for Birth

Photo and idea from Vervliest and Zugenäht.

And here's how to turn a few balls of wool and wooden beads into an unforgettable gift for a baby:

  • Bite Ring:
    • First, crochet the bear head. Here a koala head was crocheted, but it can also be a classic bear head, a dog head or a lion head. There are no limits to the imagination.
    • This is now filled with absorbent cotton.
    • Then the bear head is attached to the teething ring.
  • Crib garland
    • First, crochet the different elements. These are in this case stars and balls, but can also be hearts and pillows a.
    • The individual elements are now, alternating with wooden beads, threaded on a string.
    • .
    • To make the garland easy to attach to the bed or stroller, you form a loop at both ends of the cord by returning the ribbon through the penultimate bead and then knotted.

More info on this gift idea and the exact step by step instructions are available here

Macramé Mobile with Rainbows

Mobiles are a wonderful accessory for any nursery. Babies love to follow the gentle movements of a mobile with their eyes. The ideal places for a mobile are above the bed or over the changing table. If you additionally order a rainbow poster from MyFavoritePoster for the baby, then you can hand over a rainbow style room decoration set.

Homemade Gifts for Birth

Photo and idea by Creativlust

Here follows the brief description of how to make the macramé mobile with rainbows:

  • For the rainbows, several cotton strings wrapped with colored yarn are joined together
  • The tassels are also made from one piece of the cotton string.
  • The self-made decorative elements are attached to the wooden ring together with the wooden beads with thinner cotton cords. You can also create the suspension from the thin cotton cord.

A detailed craft instructions are available here

Important: These creative unforgettable gifts for birth require some craftsmanship and creative skills, experience and time. Therefore, the design should be started in time.

Unforgettable last minute gifts

You have tried your hand at self-designed gifts and are not quite satisfied with the result? Or you simply forgot - because everyday life was once again far too stressful - to buy a baby gift? Then the Babyposter is an ideal way to make proverbial at the last minute a self-designed gift.

And this is how it works: Select the category gift voucher on the website. Here you can then decide which design and which extras, such as a frame, you want to give away. You will then receive the voucher immediately by email. This means you can print it directly at home and then send it, nicely packaged, to the new parents. And if you should have the luck to be allowed to visit the new earth citizen directly after the birth (only on explicit invitation!), then you take the voucher immediately with you.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

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