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Baptism gift for girls

Small guide to baptism: What is baptism about and what baptism gifts for girls are there?

Baptism is a Christian festival, which is celebrated by both Catholics and Protestants. With baptism, a human being is accepted into the Christian community. Many parents choose to have their offspring baptized while they are still babies or children.

Baptism gift girl

Most of the time, baptism is celebrated on a larger scale. And numerous baptism gifts are presented. But: What is a suitable christening gift for girls?What is appropriate for the occasion?What should you look for when choosing a christening gift?And how much should be spent on a christening gift?

Background: what is special about baptism?

Baptism is the feast of Christians. Because baptism makes a person a Christian. In both the Protestant and Catholic churches, baptism signifies the admission of a person into the community of believers.

Baptism, in both Catholics and Protestants, is one of the sacraments. Once a person is baptized, he remains a Christian. Even a later departure from the church does not change this, if this occurs. This shows the importance of this feast.

The holy sacraments are

  • Baptism
  • First Communion & Confirmation / Confirmation 
  • Penance / Confession
  • Marriage
  • Consecration
  • Anointing with sickness

In addition to the religious significance, baptism is in many cases also a social event: baptism is the first major celebration of a person. For nowadays it is the case that baptisms almost always take place when a person is a baby or child.

Christening gift girl

The baptism itself always takes place in church, usually as part of a baptismal service. The baptism itself is ritualized and is performed by a priest or a pastor. In addition to the parents are with a child baptism usually still the Taufpaten as well as family and also close friends of the family present.

Following the actual baptism, a baptism ceremony usually takes place. This can take place with the baptized at home or in a restaurant. Here this special event is celebrated together. Often it is also the occasion when relatives see the baby for the first time. Because especially in the Catholic Church, it is often customary to have babies baptized within the first few months. And the guests present christening gifts to the girl.

Christening gift girl

What to give girls for baptism?

As what has been said so far shows, baptism is a milestone in the life of the baby. It is a unique event, which is celebrated accordingly large. The baptismal gift is intended to emphasize the significance of baptism. At the same time, baptism also means that the child has been accepted into the circle of believers. The faithful take thus, beyond family and friend ties, responsibility for the child.

Christening gift girl

A baptismal gift therefore also always signals that the child is (co)cared for by the community. Finally, many parents choose godparents to this day from the point of view who should take care of the children in the event that something should happen to both parents.

Importantly: The Christian godparenthood has however no such legal meaning, it concerns in this regard a pure social and/or moral obligation.

A baptism gift for a girl, or of course a boy, should correspond to this religious and social occasion. But: What is an appropriate christening gift?

You can distinguish between different baptismal gifts:

  • classic baptismal gifts
  • practical gifts of baptism
  • Baptism gifts of lasting value
  • Money gifts for baptism

Classic baptism gifts

This includes Children's Bibles or other children's books with a Christian theme. Also nice is wooden toys with a Christian reference, such as a wooden ark with plug-in figures. There are also valuable  classic baptism gifts for girls such as gold chains with cross pendant. In a Catholic baptism can also be a baptismal gown a suitable baptismal gift. This is then of course given in advance, because the little girl wears the christening dress at the baptism. However, christening dresses are only used for baby baptisms.

Practical baptism gifts

If it is a baptism in the baby or toddler age can also be a stroller or furniture given for baptism. Less expensive practical baptism gifts for girls can be clothing or toys.

Baptism gifts of lasting value

Even grandparents or godparents often give the baptized something of lasting value. This can be a savings book or a building savings contract. Also coins or the above-mentioned necklace of gold are among the popular christening gifts for girls with lasting value.

Money Gifts for Baptism

A baptism costs money, so guests of a baptism often give money. Because the celebration in a restaurant is sometimes quite expensive. But also money gifts for the baptized person itself are conceivable. However, real money gifts, unlike a savings book or building society contract, are rather baptismal gifts for girls who are already a bit older and can then fulfill a wish from the money.

Personalized gift for the baptism of girls

Another option for those who are looking for a very special christening gift for girls arepersonalized gifts. Because with such a gift you can show that you have thought about the gift and the recipient. In addition, personalized gifts are individualized gifts, which there is in this form only once.

Most personalized gifts allow you to add the name of the child and possibly a date before it is made. Personalized gifts range widely, from blankets to clothing to books. If you're looking for a personalized gift that has a special connection to the baptism date while lasting a long time, then a baby poster might be just the thing.

Christening gift girl

For the baby poster, you can choose between different designs. Once you have decided on a design, you can start with the personalization. In addition to the name and the date you can also make a personalization in the color design. So you can also design the baby poster in girl-pink. And you have a quite individual, personalized christening gift for the little girl, which reminds in the nursery for a long time of the important day. Thus, the baby poster is a christening gift, in which the child and also the parents will enjoy.

Christening gift girl

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What should a baptism gift for girls cost?

This question can not be answered in a blanket manner. Because the answer depends on several factors. The closer the gift-giver is to the person being baptized, the more can or should be invested. And it should be considered that a baptism is a special occasion. The gift may therefore quiet somewhat larger fail. On the other hand, a gift is not about how much it costs. Much more important is that it comes from the heart and was selected with love.

Christening gift girl

As a rough guide, depending on the proximity of the gift givers, the following values of a baptism gift can be mentioned:

  • Proximate family and godparents: from 50 euros
  • Guests (relatives and friends): from 20 euros
  • Neighbors and friends who want to please the child: from 10 to 20 euros

These values can of course also deviate upwards or downwards, who the financial conditions suggest this.

##INFOBOX## The baby poster strikes at 45 euros and is therefore both for guests and as a complementary gift for close family members a good option. If you wish, you can order a matching frame to go with the baby poster, which again emphasizes the value.

Customize baby poster now ##ENDINFOBOX##

Customized christening gifts for girls

With baptism, parents make a statement: they make a conscious decision that they want to raise their child in the Christian faith. Therefore, baptism is an essential milestone in the life of the child and the parents.

Most often, at least for the child, a special outfit is chosen for the day of baptism. And the celebration after the baptism is also usually different from a normal family celebration. Accordingly, the baptism gift should also be something special.

Individual gifts are specially tailored to the person being baptized. At the same time remind them, as in the case of the baby poster, of the day of baptism. Thus, both the occasion and the person of the baptized particularly appreciated.

Christening gift girl

Since the baby poster is also offered in different designs, you can choose it to match the room ambience of the nursery. The next step is the personalization. Entering the data such as name and date as well as the color adjustment is done easily within the mask on the website. Previous graphic knowledge or IT know-how is not required. So you can match the background color of the poster to the color palette of the child's room or you can choose girl's pink.

Baptism gift in time for baptism

For the delivery of baptismal gifts, there are very clear rules that should be followed: Whoever is invited as a guest to baptism, bring the baptismal gift for the girl to the baptism.The gifts are only after the baptism, usually during the celebration.

An exception exists only if, for example, a baptismal gown or a baptismal candle is given. These should be handed over to the parents ideally some days before the baptism. Then it is guaranteed that on the day of the baptism all important things are taken.

Neighbors and friends who want to please the girl on the occasion of baptism, send the christening gift so that it arrives appropriately for the baptism or a few days after. The personal delivery of a christening gift for girls in this case should be one or a few days after the baptism.

Christening gift girl

If you have chosen the baby poster as a christening gift for a girl, you should allow about three business days for making and sending. This period begins to run as soon as the payment is made. Should it be even faster, then you can also buy a voucher for a baby poster online. An attractively designed voucher you can then simply download and print at home printer.

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Baptism gift with lasting memory

With christening gifts it is no different than with other gifts: it is necessary to find the right gift for the specific person and the specific occasion. The peculiarity of baptism is that it is a special occasion: similar to birth, communion or confirmation, or later the child's 18th birthday. A baby poster is in any case a very personal gift that keeps the baptism in lasting memory.

Which baptism gifts for boys are particularly suitable, we have described in another article.

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