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rainbow babies

What are rainbow babies?

The path to the desired child is not always easy, because complications are not uncommon in pregnancy. Miscarriages and stillbirths can arise and spread like a thick dark cloud over a pregnancy filled with longing.

When the dream of becoming mum and dad in the foreseeable future ends, what remains is an emptiness and an infinite sadness. All expectations and longings have been poured into the next 9 months. But the great happiness of parenthood is shattered by a miscarriage or stillbirth.


A ray of hope appears on the horizon when new life suddenly appears and draws attention to itself. The valley of darkness and loneliness can be left behind when a new pregnancy gives hope and a rainbow baby sets out. On its way into life, to two people who are already eagerly awaiting the newborn.


Photo: Luisa Dunn Photography

After the heavy storm in life, the sun shows itself again and a rainbow reveals itself in all its intensity. The dark time is over, the sky clears and reveals the rainbow. That is why children who follow a miscarriage or stillbirth are also called rainbow children.

They are sent by heaven and the confidence of a happy life as a family returns with a rainbow baby. Happiness finally arrives again with the news that new life is to be expected.

##INFOBOX## A rainbow baby has no connection with the rainbow family. Even if this is increasingly suspected because of the similarity of names. ##ENDINFOBOX##

When is a baby a rainbow baby?

Already the name sounds happy and full of confidence. The rainbow baby also brings this cheerfulness and confidence with it. It is the glimmer of hope on the horizon. It is the baby, a renewed pregnancy.

A rainbow baby is born after a miscarriage or stillbirth and carries all the hope of a healthy birth. It helps to cope with the loss of the previous baby.


With the new pregnancy, new dreams are born, new names are chosen, new expectations are raised. The parents can now leave the most difficult time of their lives behind and devote themselves full of emotional devotion to the new pregnancy and the unborn baby.

The psychological strain of becoming pregnant again after a miscarriage is very high. A difficult and painful time lies behind the parents, and from then on the couple is accompanied by fears and doubts. Because the fear of another miscarriage weighs heavily on them. But a new positive pregnancy test, the announcement of the joyful news, puts the past to rest.

Gifts for the birth of rainbow babies

A rainbow baby deserves a very special gift for its birth. We have picked out a few gift ideas:

Gift idea 1: The silver spoon

It has a time-honoured tradition that is still preserved in many families today. A birth spoon to purchase a new citizen of the earth. It is supposed to ensure prosperity in later life. The finely curved spoon is also often engraved with a personal name. So that the birth spoon becomes a personal baby gift.

Gift idea 2: A gold coin

How it was once ... the Magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. What has endured to this day is gold. People still like to put their trust in a noble gold coin. It is supposed to light up the start of life.

Gift idea 3: The rainbow poster

When a rainbow baby is born, the baby's details can be immortalised in the matching rainbow poster. MyBabyPoster provides the right selection for this. You can choose from 8 different rainbow designs and 7 background colours. All of these rainbow posters can be personalised with the birth dates of the new baby or the matching saying in an impressive way. In this way, the rainbow baby receives its own personal rainbow poster. Full of inspiration and joie de vivre.


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When do you present the gift for a rainbow baby? 

Most baby gifts are presented when the first acquaintance with the new arrival is made. Within the first 100 days after birth, an encounter will certainly be possible. Usually it is much earlier, as many people are driven by curiosity to warmly welcome the young life.

MyBabyposter gladly accepts any online order, creates the poster immediately and then sends it - often reaching customers the very next day. A few clicks are all it takes to buy the perfect baby gift. If desired, the poster can also be framed and sent to the recipient already packaged


The right baby gift for every age

Before birth

People who are very close to the parents-to-be want to surprise them before the birth and give them the right baby gift. The joy about the new life wants to be shared together and the right baby gift is presented. But which is the right one? A voucher from MyBabyposter will not fail to make an impact and the future parents can already start thinking together about what to choose.

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In the first month of life

The personalised 1:1 scale birth poster is often the first choice for many. Because this poster from MeinBabyposter shows in an impressive way how small the baby is that was expected to be so big. The personalised birth poster on a scale of 1 : 1 shows it in an impressive way. It shows the baby in its full size and is labelled with name, date of birth, height and weight.


If you want to opt for a unique baby gift, the personalised birth poster from MeinBabyposter is for you. It is important to many parents that they can hold on to their baby's first weeks and months and that they do not simply fade away. With such a baby gift, such an intention always succeeds. This baby gift in poster format creates a memory for eternity.

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In the first two months of life

The newborn makes the most acquaintances in the first two months of its life. During this time, the baby meets the parents' friends, acquaintances and relatives and everyone has the right baby gift up their sleeve. In order for the baby gift to attract attention, it must be chosen with love and care and be recognisable as a rainbow poster. 


No other gift comes closer to a rainbow child than a poster like this, which is full of vitality and dynamism. It shows that the sky has cleared and a rainbow has appeared, which will henceforth be the protector of the family.

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In the first three months of life

During this time, a routine slowly begins in the life of the family. But still, not all friends, acquaintances or relatives have been introduced to the new addition to the family. The supply of rompers and baby suits has already been stocked up by the numerous visits, now it is time to give new impetus to the gift-giving.


With the milestone cards for the first baby year, this always works very well. It is considered a small present that is always received with joy. 45 cards in DIN A 6 format are waiting to be used and to tell you more about the experiences of your newborn. They can be stored in sequence in the accompanying storage box with magnetic closure. The milestone cards show important experiences in the young life and thus make them unforgettable forever.

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In the first four months of life

People like to rely on the gift basket, which has all kinds of things that are useful in everyday baby life. From nappies to a dummy chain, because the dummy gets lost far too quickly and is considered untraceable. Everyone can decide for themselves what goes into the gift basket for the baby, or the new parents can be consulted in advance about what else the baby can use.

There are endless gifts for births, the important thing when choosing is to emphasise originality. Rainbow babies are considered by their parents to be very special angels sent from heaven for them. Such little angels without wings deserve to be given more than a burp cloth, a pram chain or a large pack of nappies.

Personalized keepsake of Star Children

Even if wounds heal - there is no forgetting. The joy about the rainbow child is great, but it will never replace the star child. The star child will continue to be an important part of the family, occupying a very important place in their hearts and therefore not considered forgotten.


It is important for parents to create memories of their star children. How such memories are formed is very individual. It is very important to many parents that they do not forget their star child. They want a place to mourn and remember the happy moments of yore. A star child provides many emotions that creep into the heart again and again and remind you how it was back then.

It is important for parents to create memories of their star children. How such memories are formed is entirely up to the individual. Many parents are very concerned that they do not forget their star child. They want to have a place where they can grieve and remember the happy moments of yesteryear. A star child provides many emotions that creep into the heart again and again, reminding how it was back then. 

Symbolic memories of the star child

Symbolic memories are important, the heart holds on to them and all the feelings can be found in these mementos. They give support, but also confidence and remember a very important part of life. That is why symbolic mementos of the star child carry a deep meaning for the parents:

  • Personal mementos
  • Planting a tree
  • A memory poster of the Star Child

Personal mementos

They show the baby's handprint and footprint. They show the child in pictures or ultrasound images. All of these items find their way into a keepsake box that serves as a reminder.

Plant a tree

Alternatively, many parents plant a tree for their star child. This tree has a highly symbolic character and always reminds us of this one baby in the circle of the seasons. In spring, when the first blossoms begin to sprout. In summer, the fruits ripen. In autumn, the foliage turns colour before the little tree appears bare and snow-covered in winter, waiting for the next vegetation to begin in spring.

star child poster

MyBabyposter works together with the association Herzenssache for star children and their parents. The association is very concerned that parents create memories of their star children. MeinBabyposter strives to give star parents very individual keepsakes in the form of personalised posters

Star parents can decide for themselves whether the poster should contain a name, a date or even several dates. This creates a memento that is truly personalised to the parents' wishes. The Star Child Poster is a special way of remembering star children. 

50% of the proceeds from the star child poster go directly to Herzenssache - Nähen für Sternchen und Frühchen e.V. All star parents who are cared for by Herzenssache - Nähen für Sternchen und Frühchen e.V. receive a poster directly from us free of charge via the association. 


Rainbow child and star child. Happiness and sorrow are often close together and intertwine in the storm of life.

More ideas for mementos for star children and comforting sayings for star children have been the subject of two other blogposts.

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