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Personalized Baby gifts

Personalized gifts for the baby

Every year, about a quarter of a million babies are born in Germany, which is almost 2,000 newborns a day or about 80 per hour. They average between 2,800 and 4,200 grams in weight and are 48 to 56 cm in height.

Although every baby is reflected in these statistics - every little person is a unique miracle that parents, siblings, friends and family rejoice over. Personalized baby giftsare as unique as the little miracles themselves.

Ideal is when these personalized gifts created for birth last long years: just like a personalized poster. Create baby posters now

Personalized Gifts Baby

What is a personalized gift for the baby?

For the birth, most people like to give the new parents "something special". The gift should reflect that the birth of a child is a milestone in life, both in that of the child itself and in that of the parents, relatives and friends of the family.

The gift should be especially valuable and at the same time celebrate the birth as the starting point of life. On the other hand, it should be something individual. Ideally, a gift for a newborn is tailor-made. One of a kind, just like the baby itself.
Personalized gifts for babies therefore enjoy great popularity at birth. Because these clearly show:

  • Here it is not an embarrassment gift off the rack, but the gift-givers have really thought about it.

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How does a personalized baby gift work?

The range of beautiful and high-quality gifts for the birth of a child is large. However, no matter how exclusive, extravagant, tasteful and expensive these gifts are, they are interchangeable and suitable for any newborn. Personalized gifts for babies make the difference here. Because these are made specifically for the one baby for whom the gift is intended. To do this, the gift is individualized by:

  • name
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Date of birth
This creates a truly unique gift, a real one-of-a-kind. At MeinBabyposter exactly these things can be realized. To this end, MeinBabyposter is the market leader for personalized baby posters in Germany.

What may cost a personalized gift for a baby

Wedding, coming of age, school, professional or university graduation and just the birth of a child are the occasions on which gifts may cost a little more. But how much exactly to invest in such a gift always depends on how close the givers are to the family of the newborn. In any case, it should be more than a small attention.
##INFOBOX##"Almost always gifts are given away in the value of at least 20 euros, often significantly more. If several people join forces to finance a gift, there is thus quickly a relatively large amount of money available that can be invested in the gift for the new citizen of the earth. "##ENDINFOBOX##

When do I present the gift?

Of course, you may give gifts to the expectant parents already during pregnancy. However, these should relate exclusively to the pregnancy. That could be a pregnancy diary or a delicious tea for the expectant mom.

But it is an iron law that gifts for the birth always be given after the birth. On the other hand, this has the advantage that it is always possible to create personalized gifts for the baby.

Sustainable baby gifts from Germany

Baby gifts should, to do justice to the event, have a certain value and sustainability. This means that it is better to choose such gifts that will last long. With personalized gifts for babies, like the personalized artwork of MeinBabyPoster the birth of the child is celebrated.

At the same time, this wall decoration is a beautiful design element for the nursery for years to come. Parents are sure to revel in looking at this individualized image of their offspring even after he or she has become a teenager or moved out.

Personalisierte Geschenke Baby

Do you also give something to the mother for the birth?

Parents, and especially mothers, admittedly always say: it is the greatest gift for me that my child was born healthy. Nevertheless, most women are probably happy about a small gift for the birth.

Not only the partner, but also relatives and friends, can celebrate the achievement of the frisch gebackene mom with a special gift. And pregnancy and childbirth are always a tremendous achievement.

Unforgettable Birth Gifts

In order for a birth gift to be truly memorable, it should be as individual as possible. Therefore, gifts that reflect the interests of the parents are suitable. If the parents are enthusiastic about a certain soccer club, then a corresponding baby outfit can be such an unforgettable baby gift.

However, usually only one parent is a fan of a soccer club. Therefore, it is nicer if a different approach is taken. Personalized baby gifts are both unforgettable, and a safe solution. Because: your own offspring is most certainly number 1 for both mom and dad.

Birth gifts with engraving and color printing

Individual birthday gifts in the past, friends and relatives either had to make them themselves or it was very expensive to have them designed. Thanks to today's possibilities, baby gifts can be personalized with individual engravings, color prints or embroidery. Especially the different colors can be wonderfully adapted to the baby gender. So there are certain personalized gifts that are better suited for girls or baby gifts for boys. Individualized designs can be applied to manifold materials using completely different processes.

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Personalisierte Geschenke Baby

Money gifts for the baby useful?

Stroller, clothes, diapers and so on and so forth: a child, even when it is very small, costs a lot of money. Therefore, many wonder whether to give money to the new parents for the birth. However, money, no matter how useful it may be, is very impersonal. Gifts of money should therefore, to do justice to the event of the birth, always be associated with an appealing, individual gift.

Personalized gift for the birth of friends & colleagues

Distant friends, acquaintances and colleagues sometimes wonder if it is appropriate to present a baby gift. However, it is clear in our society that birth, like marriage, is an occasion when not only the closest circle presents gifts.Create baby posters now

Often then in the circle of friends or colleagues for the baby gift collected, to be able to finance a valuable gift that the parents can enjoy for a long time. In addition, friends and colleagues connect with the parents on an emotional level through such a personalized baby gift.

Giving gift certificates to new parents?

As mentioned earlier, a child is also always a financial burden. Vouchers, through which the parents can also finance things such as child seat and clothing, are therefore certainly always welcome. But especially if a larger sum of money has been collected among friends or colleagues, if possible, a personalized gift for a newborn combined with a voucher for a baby store should be presented.

Gifts for the birth for the mother

The partner, parents and in-laws or best friend often want to make the new mom a special friends for the birth. To do justice to the unique event, it should be an iindividual, creative, valuable gift.

This can be a personalized memory box for the most important things from baby's first weeks of life, or a necklace with pendant customized with baby's data. Surely the new mom is also happy about a high-quality, individualized poster with a baby picture in the birth size of their own child from MeinBabyPoster.

Birth Gifts for Parents

Of course, both parents can also be surprised together with a gift for the birth. Since most parents proudly send a first photo of the offspring directly after the birth, friends and colleagues can use this photo to create a personalized baby gift. Personalized photo gifts such as a wall clock or a photo montage with photos of mom, dad and the offspring are a nice idea. Also, a voucher for a photo shoot for the baby is sure to please most parents.Create baby posters now

Personalisierte Geschenke Baby

Birth gifts for siblings

When the baby comes into the world, it means a bath of emotions for big siblings. They are usually very happy about the new sibling. At the same time, baby and parents suddenly get a lot of attention. Therefore, it is a nice gesture to present a baby gift to the newly born siblings as well. Via MeinLieblingsPoster, posters for two children can also be individually designed: one for the baby and one for the big brother or sister.

Birth gifts with names

Whoever wants to give the new parents something useful and at the same time present individual gifts, can opt for baby gifts with the child's name. Whether it's a bodysuit, bib, sleeping bag or a blanket, all of these can be personalized with the baby's name today. Thus, a useful object becomes a personal gift.

Diaper cake with personalized gifts for birth

Diaper cakes consist mainly of diapers, which are artfully draped in the form of a usually multi-level cake. This is usually garnished by other baby care products such as wound protection cream, wet wipes and Co. or a small cuddly toy. On the Internet there are numerous tinkering instructions. But many drugstores also offer diaper cake baking as a service. The whole thing is decorated with a bow, on which the name and date of birth of the baby.

How to say thank you for gifts for the birth

There are many different ways to say thank you for gifts for the birth. The classic is certainly to send a card. The more creative and individual this is, the greater the chance that the recipients will keep the card as a memory. Especially beautiful is, for example, a card with a footprint of the baby or a first family photo combined with an appropriate imprint. Such personalized cards can be printed quickly and easily today.Design baby posters now

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