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Personalized baby gifts:the best ideas

Personalized baby gifts and the best ideas for them

When a new earthling sees the world, is the great joy with relatives, acquaintances and friends. From now on her life will be enriched by the new addition. They all want to go with me the right baby gift show that they welcome the little child in the cradle.

Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

But what do grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends give birth to? There are many inspirations and ideas. But an idea should be taken up and implemented that convinces of itself and then starting point in life in an impressive way.

What are personalized baby gifts 

On such an occasion, people are happy to trust in meaningful gifts. New parents can always use meaningful gifts. But in addition to the meaning, the gift should also have a meaning lower value to have. It should be full individualism stuck and adjust to the new life. It should reflect new lives.

Finally the Having a baby is a milestone in life . Not only for the parents, but also for the siblings, for the grandparents, for the godparents and for many people who accompany the parents.

Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

Why grab a classic baby gift for such a big event when it's the personalized gifts for baby exist that radiate their very own dynamic and personally tailored to the new life are.

What characterizes a personalized baby gift 

  • It sprays full of inspiration , since that creative skill was responsible for the processing.
  • It is a unique , so unique as the new citizen himself.
  • Personalized baby gifts are always with you personal data Mistake.

A heartily designed keepsake with plenty personal charm is the ideal gift for new parents. On personalizedbirth posterin 1: 1 scale is always a great way to please new parents. Because with her little sunshine, new life moves in. A life that enriches the family from now on. But it's easy to forget how small the baby was when it was born. Not if the right baby gift was once given at birth:

 Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

The personalized birth poster from MeinBabyposter shows the birth size of the baby on a 1:1 scale and can be completely individualized with many components: Off 7 designs can he baby outline as well as choose the position of the baby and determine the basic color for the background of the poster. For this can be omitted 7 different colors Select. Become Graduate Surname , size at birth, Weight at birth, that Date of birth and optionally the birth time added to the birth poster adapted to the newborn down to the last detail.

When is the right time for a personalized baby gift?

Many already have the gift with them when they give the new earthling and his family the visit for the first time after childbirth . Because the appropriateGift for a newborn may also always as welcome gift be considered. If you want to stand out from the usual gifts, there is only one gift to choose from, the personalized baby gift from MeinBabyposter..

Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

It was specially made for a baby. It shows with his individuality on how important the young life that has only recently begun already is. himself for one unique decide to choose a poster with a specific name and showing the child's height, weight and date of birth.

A baby poster that bears your name and makes parents proud

Because nothing pleases new parents more than when the joy that they are feeling at the moment is shared with them. For her it's all about the baby now her life is geared to the needs of the little creature. They are proud to be able to call themselves mom and dad and the look of their child enchanted you in an emotional way very strong.

 Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

The parents know that their child is a little bit mum, a little bit dad and a lot of me. And this little me is depicted in a 1:1 scale with a personalized birth poster. In an impressive way. years later will the parents stand in front of this poster and say: „How small our baby used to be.“ Yes, this poster has them The time from back then is captured forever and reproduces it impressively.

Find the right selection of personalized baby gifts

There are many gifts before and at birth. It is always important to make the right choice for you.

gifts before birth

The milestone cards for the first year of baby: It can be brought to the baby shower before the birth. A small souvenir that is always received with joy and great expectations. After all, no one knows when they will sleep through the night for the first time and when the child will say mama for the first time. The milestone cards provide information about this. These 45 cards in DIN A6 format are housed in a storage box with a magnetic closure. They are considered important reminders in later years. Because who can really remember when the offspring slept through their first night Such events lose time. But not if the parents received milestone cards for the first year of the baby before or after the birth..

 Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

Order milestone cards now 

Birth gifts

The personalized birth poster in 1:1 scale: It is the gift that is often given at birth. When it comes to the first encounter with the new life, you are already Surname , size , Weight and Date of birth known and it may be decided in favor of such a baby gift. Because with it becomes not only a practical, but a highly emotional gift presented, that has personality. This personality is underlined by the modern design language of our personal posters. The secret lies in the minimalist look in the Scandinavian design of the poster. This created a wall element that carries the magic of the beginning.

Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

Design baby posters now 

gifts in the first few months

The rainbow posters: They are always gladly given away in the first few months of life and convince with their warm design . These individually designed posters have one goal: The To make the children's world a bit more colourful. That creative little universe around children is colourful. When children start to paint, they usually start with a picture of a rainbow. This exerts a spell on her that can hardly be described in words. The rainbow posters also carry such a magic, which are very unmistakable due to the naming of the child.

Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen

Design rainbow posters now 

Personalized baby gifts for the first year

Especially when a child is born, time goes by much faster than before. It was just Christmas, now it's Easter again. It seems so. In addition, in the first year of life, many parents have a baptism in the house, which is accordingly celebrated. Followed by the 1st birthday, which is approaching in giant steps.

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Baptism
  • the 1st birthday

These are all events just waiting for a personalized baby gift to make the celebrations a very special memory. Because every celebration, no matter how small, is accompanied by gifts. These gifts show the revelers how important they are to you. Babies in particular have a very high status in families and that is a good thing. Everything revolves around them, everything comes and falls with them. you are the center of families and therefore their gifts may be chosen with great care and love. The right inspiration comes from MeinBabyposter.

What is the cost of a personalized baby gift?

When big events in life are coming up, there is often a desire to choose a great gift where price is not the deciding factor. Much more the joy of giving is in the foreground and that's how it should be. Yet - high-quality personalized baby gifts from MeinBabyposter are affordable for everyone. You don't need a big purse to make it happen. The right idea is enough.

  • On birth poster on a scale of 1: 1 already exists from 45€ .
  • the rainbow poster there is a name from 34€ .
  • Also the milestone cards are priced at EUR 16.90 good to give as a gift.

A multiple is often spent on many birthday and baby gifts. It doesn't have to be, especially since my baby poster is already around 45 including shippingd to have.

##INFOBOX## Tip: If you want to leave the decision about the design of the baby poster to the parents themselves, you still have the option of a voucher.The right voucher is always a good alternative that leaves room for design options and is therefore a popular choice. Also for last-minute decision-makers is the coupon excellent since he printed out immediately at home can be. ##ENDINFOBOX##

There are also personalized gifts for siblings at birth?

Yes, there are! My baby poster also thought of the siblings. You shouldn't go away empty-handed and you should also be able to admire yourself on the matching poster.

With the duo posters a personalized poster for two children can be created. This is not only great for twins, but also for a pair of siblings. Because the Size comparison of the two children will here especially clear . By how much is the sibling bigger or smaller? The duo poster has the answer and shows it skillfully. This is guaranteed to stimulate the curiosity of the sibling..

The duo poster can also be configured using the same configurator personalize down to the smallest detail , it only needs to add a second baby. With one click, a second baby is added to the poster and everyone in the family is happy with the baby gift.

 Personalisierte Babygeschenke: die besten Ideen


The greatest gift for parents is that their child is born healthy. The parents take care of the sheltered home. In this one is allowed immortalize posters on the wall, a 1:1 scale birth poster, the the most important parts of life: Your own child or children. A very individual poster can decorate your own four walls, which shows even years later how small the offspring used to be. Because time does not stand still, what remains are the memories and a lasting baby gift. Which by the sight again and again takes you back to the magical beginnings and enriches the parent's heart.

 Design baby posters now 

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