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Mother's Day gift

We all celebrate it: Mother's Day. We want to show how much we love her, the first woman in our lives: our mum. Because she is like no other. She knows us like no other and her provision is as wide as the horizon.

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No hardship is too much for her, because her only concern is the well-being of her children. She always puts the welfare of her children first. Her mother's heart is filled with warmth, affection and deep feelings, which she shows to her daughters and sons.

Why is Mother's Day celebrated?

A mother only comes around once. That is why Mother's Day is organised especially for her, to express gratitude. Thanks that are due to a very special person in life. Nothing and no one in this world deserves gratitude more than mum.

Mother's Day found its origin in the United States of America. Anna Marie Jarvis is considered the inventor of the day we celebrate with great joy today. She was the daughter of Ann Maria Jarvis. On 12 May 1907, it was the 2nd anniversary of her mother's death, she had a memorial service held for her. This was in conjunction with the Memorial Mother's Day Meeting, which called for mothers worldwide to be remembered and honoured accordingly.

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It was not until many years later that Mother's Day made its way into Germany. It was the Association of German Flower Shop Owners who had their own poster made that read "Honour the Mother". These posters found their place in shop windows. At that time, the year 1922 was written and basically the day of flower wishes was celebrated. Only later did it become Mother's Day, which has already become a legendary day in the calendar.

What do you give for Mother's Day?

Classic Mother's Day gifts

There are very classic gifts for Mother's Day that are always a pleasure to present. Classic gift ideas also stand in for making mum happy.

flowers for mom

The sun in mum's heart starts to shine when her offspring picks her a colourful bouquet of spring flowers in the meadow. This bouquet contains many different flowering treasures of nature.

chocolate for mom

No mum can say no when she receives her favourite chocolates as a gift. Some call it nerve food, others exquisite chocolate chips. Mum doesn't care, she enjoys her favourite chocolates.

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Cards for Mom

Quickly hand over the coloured paper. It is quickly folded into a matching card. A few personal words are added to the inside of the card and the result is a very individual work of art, made by children and sometimes adults.

An invitation for mom

How such an invitation is designed and where it leads to is completely individual to the mother. Most mothers are taken out to dinner on their day of honour.

A breakfast for mom

From childhood, Mother's Day was the day when the breakfast table was set for her. Many families hold on to this loving ritual. They don't miss the opportunity to set the breakfast table for their mothers on a Sunday in May.

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Unforgettable gifts for Mother's Day

Just as Mother's Day is constantly reinventing itself and bringing with it new customs, so too are the gifts, which are changing in wonderful ways to make them just that little bit more personal and individual than they used to be. So the appeal to all of you is: come up with something original and take the time to make an imaginative gift for your mother.

Homemade for mom

Children like to show what they are made of. They like to grab glue and colourful pens so that they can present their mum with something they have made themselves.

A footprint for mom

If you are not one of the many creative children, simply use your baby's little foot and immortalise it in a footprint.

A baby poster for mom

Mamas love to decorate for a living. They turn their four walls into a home with a feel-good character. They are all the more pleased when decorating is given its very own touch. A personalised baby poster does just that.

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Design baby posters now

The personalised baby poster

The personalised baby poster is a real hit when it comes to presenting a Mother's Day gift with heart. It shows mum's biggest treasure in all its glory at birth. How small was the offspring back then? The personalised baby poster shows it in an impressive way. It gives an idea of how proud and full of confidence the mother was at that time.

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##INFOBOX## The poster bears the name of your child and depicts it in 1:1 scale to the size of the birth.  Different design options are waiting to be chosen, so there are over 10,000 design options! The poster is unique, specially adapted to the baby. Design a baby poster now ##ENDINFOBOX##

The many design possibilities that a personalised baby poster has to offer:

  • You can also determine the position of the baby yourself.
  • On which background colour may the little baby make itself known? You can choose from 7 different colours. White, grey, beige, pink, green, blue and dark grey determine the background colour of your baby poster.
  • Now you can enter the baby's personal data. The most important part of a personalised baby poster is the name of the child followed by the date of birth, weight and height.
  • Optionally, the time of birth can also be shown on the birth poster on a scale of 1 to 1.
  • Is there a sibling? The sibling can find their place together on the baby poster.

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Advantages that come with a personalised baby poster

Each of you appreciates it when the gift has personality and thus draws attention to itself. A birth poster on a scale of 1:1 to the size of the birth fulfils this requirement 100%:

Baby posters capture time. They are considered a keepsake with personal data. Beautifully framed, a personalised baby poster is considered the painting of the heart. It is a wall design that is fraught with deep feelings.

Design baby posters now

A good alternative to a baby poster is a voucher.

Often, mum's taste is not 1 to 1 comprehensible. What position would she like the baby to be in? In which design can the child be seen? Which colour should be used as the background colour? Many questions - to which sometimes no answer can be found.

The voucher can be presented as a good alternative to the baby poster. With the right voucher, the mum can choose freely and decide on her TOP favourite, which will always enrich her heart.

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First Mother's Day as a mother: tips for mothers

The first Mother's Day in life should always be a very special day. Because mothers can look back on eventful days, weeks and months. They were allowed to prove themselves as mothers and every mother has mastered it in her very own way.

The baby has been "successfully rocked" so that it is now on its way to becoming a toddler who is developing better and better and learning more and more. Mother's Day in particular is often used to draw up a personal summary. A summary that makes you proud and shows how important you have already become in the life of the little child.

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Time to treat yourself to a little treat and take a little time out. Once again to the hairdresser, once again to a beauty treatment. After all, mothers want to feel beautiful.

At last, once again, you can set aside some time for yourself. Eating well, cycling or simply taking a walk in the park. Mum time is something very individual, where the focus is not on the mother in you, but on being a woman.

First Mother's Day as a father: tips for fathers

The first Mother's Day in a woman's life is approaching, so what does the father have to do with it? A lot! After all, it is the fathers who are responsible for an all-round successful first Mother's Day. They are allowed to pamper the young mother in every way. Even the small gestures that are made on this day count

Breakfast in bed

When was the last time the woman was allowed to have breakfast in bed? It was certainly before the birth of the child. Because since the baby is born, the mother has to jump out of bed early in the morning and meet the early demands on her. After all, babies don't like to wait for their pending needs to be met.

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A Mum's Day Off

It often works wonders and manages to successfully replenish the empty energy reserves of every mother. Finally, she does not have to worry about the well-being of everyone, but her personal well-being is now the focus.

A dinner for mom

Fathers can also take up the wooden spoon and prove themselves in the kitchen. The family will appreciate it, especially mum. Because it is often she who is called into action to be the cook and all-round provider. It's nice when the 1st Mother's Day frees her from these duties. 

A massage for mom

Instead of the next cleaning effort, a soothing massage beckons - what mum can resist that. Even if the country's fathers are not trained masseurs, they certainly know one or two things that bring relaxation.

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Joint activities on Mother's Day

An excursion with the whole family is a great way to make Mother's Day a very special day. There are countless suggestions for this. You don't have to go on a trip halfway around the world, it is enough to start a Mother's Day excursion in the countryside and thus unhinge the everyday life of mothers.

A picnic in the park

A picnic basket is easy to put together. A large blanket, a few snacks and drinks and you can spend Mother's Day in the park or on the shore of a lake.

On to the hike

Mothers in particular like to be active. If you want to give your mum her own personal summit victory on Mother's Day, then take her on a hike together. The route and the length of the tour can of course be tailored to mum.

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Trip to the zoo or the wildlife park

A zoo or wildlife park is not only a great place to explore, it is also the perfect place to start a Mother's Day outing. Observe the different animal species and sometimes get to know the animals' personal habitat better. If you do this as a family, you will have a lot to marvel at.

Trip to the amusement park

If anyone deserves to have fun and enjoy herself, it's mum. Take her to the amusement park. The size of the amusement park usually depends on the size of the child.

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Design baby posters now 

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