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Baby gift for girls

Finally, the baby is here. Hooray - it's a girl! The dream child has seen the light of day and from now on will enrich the everyday life of her parents in a unique way. A suitable gift may be chosen for the newborn girl who will be the sunshine in her family. There are many baby gifts for the birth of a girl, so you can rely on a specially made unique item for the female offspring. But what should it be?

Baby mit Kuscheltier

Baby gift for girls: What makes sense?

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for the birth of a baby girl? Then think about what the little human being can really use. Everyday life with a baby is often varied and there are baby things that always serve their purpose. But most of the time, the new parents have already bought these useful little helpers themselves.

Before choosing the right baby gift for a girl, it is also important to talk to the parents. What can they make good use of and what will be useful to them? Because often couples who have just become parents always get the same gifts for the birth. For example, the dummy chain is available in 4 different versions and the bibs in the set pile up because the parents can only use them too well.

Baby mit Kuscheltier

Popular gifts for the birth of a baby girl

You all know the most popular gifts for the birth of a baby girl. They start with the legendary nappy cake, which contains the matching utensils that will be needed in the coming weeks and months. Followed by the bodysuits, which come in a wide variety of designs. Baby toys are also popular, such as a butterfly with a rapid effect or a small fluffy teddy bear. But where is the originality in gift giving? Especially for the birth of a child, you can give more imaginative gifts.

Gifts for which occasions

Birth is the first occasion in young life when gifts are proudly presented. Many other occasions follow:

  • birth
  • Baptism
  • Christmas
  • birthday


The birth is sometimes the biggest event. This is the time to "hit the bull's eye" when choosing a gift. is happy to help. There is no more personal and imaginative way to choose a gift. The birth poster on a scale of 1:1 depicts the baby and reminds us in later years how small the girl was.

Design a baby poster now


The first Christmas with the little girl is celebrated. Suitable gifts are chosen for the youngest member of the family. A night light, a music box with a snooze melody, graspers, teething rings and cuddly toys follow.

Erstes Weihnachten mit Baby


Since the baptism celebration is a festival with a long tradition, very classic gifts are usually presented. A baptismal necklace, a baptismal bracelet, a children's Bible, a colourful baptismal cross. These are all gifts that are brought to the baptism celebration. We have collected more great ideas in our blog article Christening Gifts for Girls.


When the girl is allowed to celebrate her first birthday, it is time that she receives her first building blocks. That she can leaf through her first book with a crackling effect, that there are active toys for her that encourage the 1-year-old to play.

Erster Geburtstag Baby

Tips for buying baby gifts for girls

The baby gift is aimed - how could it be otherwise - at the little girl. But the new parents should also be included in the choice of gifts. After all, they are the ones who will use these baby gifts for their little girl in the future.

When choosing a gift, it is important to consider whether the girl is the first-born baby or whether there are already siblings. If siblings are already present, then the basic equipment is usually already provided by them and it hardly makes sense to present the 28th romper suit. Because the little child's wardrobe is full of them.

Personalised gift for girls

Personalised gifts for births are always well received, especially as they immediately show that the giver has not chosen just any gift, but has thought about how to please the young family.

Joy is guaranteed with a personalised gift for girls. After all, such a gift only exists once and it was made especially for the baby or her parents.

Baby Geschenk Mädchen Babyposter

One such gift is the personalised baby poster from

The customised baby poster features a 1:1 scale so you can always remember how small your baby girl was when she was born. Small, fragile and beautiful! The baby poster can be individually designed by you.

  • It may bear the name of the girl.
  • You may choose from different design proposals.
  • If you wish, another baby can be immortalised on your baby poster, which often makes sense for siblings.
  • As a result, the position of the baby is determined.
  • The colour of the poster is chosen. There are 7 colours to choose from: White, grey, beige, pink, green, dark grey and blue.
  • Now you can complete your baby poster with the birth data of the girl. Height, weight and date of birth are entered.
  • The time of the birth can also be found on the baby poster at your request.



You are the designers of this impressive baby poster. With your work, you have created a unique piece that you can happily hand over to the new parents. This gift is a true one-of-a-kind that will certainly cause great enthusiasm.

Gifts to commemorate the birth

Birth is a very formative event. Not only for the parents, but also for all those who accompany the parents in their lives. You want to present gifts that are a memory, bring a benefit and yet carry a magic of the new.

Traditional gifts for the birth of a girl

There are gifts that were already given in grandma's time when a baby was born. There are people who like to stay true to this tradition. That's why they still like to give them to the parents.

The Birth Spoon

This spoon carries a high symbolism. You certainly know the saying: "He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth". This may mean that he or she is granted prosperity and a good social status in life, and this is exactly what we want to give the child with the silver or golden birth spoon. He or she should be granted prosperity for the rest of their lives.

The birth thaler

He may also show his face in gold or silver and is considered a safeguard from an early age. Already in ancient times, people used gold and silver coins. They put them in the nappy of the newborn child and thus ensured the prosperity of the little person.

The account for the birth

If the gift givers are not so closely connected to tradition and the gift may still be considered a value-securing memento for the baby, a birth account may be opened.

Baby Geschenk Mädchen Babyposter

When is the birth gift presented?

Just as the gifts are very individual, so is the timing of the birth gift. It usually depends on how good a friend or relative you are to the parents.

When asked when the birth gift is given, it was found that most baby gifts are given within the first 100 days after birth. 80% of gift-givers do so during this period.

If you want to make it as convenient as possible, then order your baby poster from and have it sent to you. A gift box can be added for the baby poster. All you have to do is give it away.

Baby schlafend

The right age for a baby gift

Before birth

You are very close to the parents-to-be and can hardly wait until the new human child sees the light of day. Reason enough to express your joy even before the birth in the form of a suitable gift.

The milestone cards are very suitable for this. They show later on what the little girl has already learned within a short time. In addition, a voucher for MyBabyposter can be presented, this will prompt the new parents to create an individual poster for their child immediately after the birth.

Meilensteinkarten MeinBabyposter

0 - 1 month

In the first month of life, baby gifts with a lot of individuality are just the thing. The birth poster on a scale of 1: 1 is also the right choice for this. The milestone cards are still just right and are eagerly waiting to be filled in.

Babyposter im 1:1 Maßstab Geschenk Mädchen

1 - 2 month

The rainbow poster can be seen as a successful alternative to the baby poster. This is also offered by MyBabyposter and proudly reveals the personal data of the little one. The world of children is colourful and promising, and that is exactly what a rainbow poster wants to express. It wants to conjure life into the living environment and it bears the name of a very special child - the name of your child.

Regenbogenposter Geschenk Mädchen

2 - 3 month

With a baby in the house, time passes very quickly. Even though the nights have become shorter, the days are all the livelier. Isn't it finally time to take a footprint or handprint of the baby? The matching imprint set is a gift with a hand and a foot. No matter whether the baby comes into contact with clay or the hand and foot imprint is immortalised with an ink pad. If you want to keep the little hands and feet forever, you can use the matching imprint set for this.

 3 - 4 month

The baby shows more and more interest in its home, in its fellow human beings, in its environment. Time to get a suitable toy for the baby. The variety of baby toys is given. Rattle ball, flexible grasping toy, baby rattle or teething ring, - you have the free choice. You won't go wrong with choosing an active toy either, especially as the baby will quickly develop into a little explorer.

Buy baby gifts for girls online

Are you still most fond of the personalised 1:1 scale birth poster? A good choice to show your originality in gift giving. A good choice to show that you and your offspring are important to us.

Taufgeschenk Enkel

This personalised gift in poster form will still adorn the wall years after the birth. In 50 x 70 cm format, it is created with the child's personal data. Thanks to free express delivery, the baby poster will be with you within 1 to 3 working days and can be given as a gift. A touching and beautiful moment will be yours when you present this poster to the parents.

##INFOBOX## Good to know: There are several thousand design options from the selectable options - by entering the birth data, each baby poster becomes a real one-of-a-kind. View poster ##ENDINFOBOX## 


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